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Hours of Operation

Winter Hours
We are open if there is no snow on the ground and the temperatures are 50 degrees or above.  Office hours vary, so please call for an appointment.

Spring/Fall Hours
We are open if the sun is up.  Hours vary with daylight hours.

Summer Hours
On weekends, we open at 6:30 a.m.
During the week, we open at 7:30 a.m.

These policies and procedures apply to the following products from:

Deer Run Golf Club

Billing Address

91 NE 80th St
Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

Returns & Online Product Cancellations

Once a return is received or valid refund request submitted, the refund process will take no more than 30 days. All refunds will be either returned to the original credit card OR- mailed in check form to the billing name and address. International orders that will be refunded back to the original credit card, and PayPal orders will be credited back to the PayPal account.


You have TEN (10) Days from the date of the original purchase to return the product to receive your refund. Any return received after the TEN (10) DAY time limit will not be processed.

Original Receipt is required otherwise, in store credit will be provided.


Online Products: You have FOURTEEN (14) Days from the date of the original purchase to request a refund for your online purchase. Any refund request after the FOURTEEN (14) DAY time limit will not be processed.

Please note that cancellation of Season Pass membership means giving up privilege to products and services found within.

Customer Service

If you have questions or comments regarding your purchase, please email us.

Response times to your inquiries can range from 24 – 48 hours.

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